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Dr. JK

Bachelor (University of Medicine and Oriental Medicine school)

10 years of Acupuncturist experience 

15 years of Medical treatment experience

6+years TaiChi Energy balance management experience

5+years Tai Massage treatment experience 

Dr. JK has been Graduated from the University of Medicine and Oriental Medicine school, and he has specially trained by TaiChi Energy balance Master for over five years and completed the TaiChi Energy Health recovery top-level program. Dr.JK also worked for many years in the Acupuncture clinic and Medical Pain Management Center in Florida, and he talked to the training classes about TaiChi Energy body health and Energy balance many years ago. Now Dr. JK's goal is to help many people achieve their Healthy Life goals and make their life happier than before, also help them to improve their immune system to become very strong, detox from stress and depression, and become younger and more positive to their family and friends and their new life. Believe you will love yourselves and your new life more than ever.


Dr. JK Special Skill Treatment:

JK Medical Healing Recovery Treatment for pain and stress relief (75mins for $135, or 90mins for $165)

Will release your stress, and make you happier, and give you your best sleep, and help your body Detoxing & better circulation & improve the immune system & balance your energy & make your body refresh and get different and newer.

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